Public Health Education & Research Consortium Network & Partnership

NIHFW is an apex technical institute of the country and serves as a 'think tank' for the promotion of various public health programmes in the country. In this context, NIHFW through Networking and partnership proposes to develop a 'Public Health Education & Research Consortium(PHERC)' and looks forward to individuals and organisations like Medical Colleges, SIHFWs/HFWTCs/CTIs,Nursing Schools/Colleges and Mother NGOs to participate in the same.

Aim of the Consortium:

To develop Strategies for greater involvement of partner institutions in national public health programs through capacity building for education and research.

Despite significant gains made in last few public health challenges are huge; they are also growing and shifting at an unprecedented rate. The concerns shown by the organisations at the global level indicate that, in view of the resurgence of various epidemics, both infectious and non-infectious, the situation can be handled only through the public health management approach. This urgency was realised and expressed in the public health conference in India expressed as 'Calcutta declaration', which calls for the creation of appropriate structure for public health professionals and promoting the reforms for public health education & training. Followed this in a joint meeting of IPHA, ISMOC and Indian Association of Epidemiologists in 2000 at Agra, resolution was passed for initiation & carrying out of the structural changes in Public Health System in India.

The Department of Community Medicine of various Medical Colleges along with the Nursing Colleges, Health Training Institutions (SIHFW and HFWTC), Collaborating Training Institutions and Mother NGOs have been functioning for the promotion of public health either in small groups or totally in isolation. This may be one of the reasons for not achieving the desired objectives of the various health programs. Urgency felt for joint collaborative effort, through networking and partnership process to pool all the available human resources from above mentioned institutions and also develop consensus strategies for the uplift of Public Health activities in India.

The proposed consortium has been formed under the aegis of the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW). NIHFW is the apex technical institution under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI with the mandate to promote health and family welfare programs in the country through education, training, research, evaluation and other specialised services. As the nodal agency for imparting in-service training to health personnel and conducting research under NRHM, NIHFW is an ideal partner to facilitate the mainstreaming of the Department of Community Medicine in Medical colleges, Nursing Colleges and other public health education and training institutions in the health care delivery system of the country, and for providing a platform to build networks for capacity building of these institutions with the following activities:

1. Sharing of information on programmes/guidelines and recent updates through print and electronic media

2. Research Methodology Workshops

3. Rapid Appraisal Methods for Partnership Research

4. GIS Mapping of Health Manpower

5. Capacity building for improving District Health System through Workshops/Joint Meetings etc.

6. To initiate discussion on priority issues on Public Health

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